Whose Life is it Anyway?

Brian Clark's right-to-die drama, while surprisingly hilarious in its opening scenes, succeeds in finding an emotional core.

Six months on from an accident which paralysed him from the neck down, Ken Harrison is stuck him in hospital with no hope of an independent life.

Despite his situation, he exchanges banter with the ward sister, makes inappropriate advances to the young nurses, and passes accurately cynical comments on the hospital hierarchy to the intelligent and sensitive Dr Scott.

The play takes place in Ken's hospital room in the early 1990s.

Directed by Steve McDowall.

Ken Harrison -- Michael Ferguson
Sister Anderson -- Alison Kennedy
Kay Sadler -- Lesley Paul
John -- Daniel Parker
Dr Scott -- Regina Alcock
Dr Emerson -- Billy Renfrew
Mrs Boyle -- Jennie Davidson
Philip Hill -- Mike Paton
Dr Paul Travers -- Alan Richardson
Kershaw -- Elsie Horobin
Dr Barr -- Rik Hart
Andrew Eden -- John W Wallace
Mr Justice Millhouse - Alex Purves

Set design and construction -- Derek Blackwood, assisted by Clem Allan, Don Arnott, Alex Purves, Marion Donohoe and Ron Cattell
Lighting and sound -- Stephen Hajducki
Stage Manager -- Clem Allan
Assistant Stage Manager -- Helen Burns
Properties -- Lynne Morris
Continuity -- Marjory McColl
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie King

For the company:
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Alex Purves
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Graphic design -- Jane McGuinness, Maurice HyndsPhotography -- Marion Donohoe

Whose Life is it Anyway?

by Brian Clark

11-14 November 2009

Church Hill Theatre