Tunes of Glory

A powerful drama set in the headquarters of a Scottish Regiment shortly after their heroics in the Second World War.

Jock Sinclair, acting Lieutenant Colonel, is in command. He is a rough diamond who has risen from the ranks and is hero-worshipped by his men. His command is brought to an abrupt and traumatic end with the appointment of a new Sandhurst-style Colonel, and Jock reverts to the rank of Major.

The officers don't quite know which leader to follow, and the mixed loyalties lead to tension, a clash of personalities and, ultimately, the downfall of both men.

The play is set in the Officers' Mess of the regiment's castle-based HQ during a severe cold spell in the early years after the war.

Our November 2008 production was directed by Ron Cattell.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jock Sinclair -- John Mills
Lieutenant-Colonel Barrow -- Billy Renfrew
Major Charlie Scott -- Steve McDowall
Major Dusty Miller -- Lee Shedden
Captain Jimmy Cairns -- Alan Richardson
Captain Eric Simpson -- John W Wallace
2nd Lieutenant Mackinnon -- Duncan Robertson
Lieutenant Rattray -- Steve Bennett
2nd Lieutenant McMillan -- Daniel Parker
Regimental Sergeant-Major Riddick -- Douglie Arbuckle
Pipe Major Maclean -- Clem Allan
Corporal Piper Fraser -- Ali May
Walter Hamilton -- Sam Keefe
Morag Sinclair -- Fiona Mackay
Mary Titterington -- Gael Harrison
Sir David Moncrieff -- John W Wallace
Elizabeth Macrae -- Jennie Davidson

Assistant Director -- Alex Purves
Stage Manager -- Rik Kay
Assistant Stage Manager -- Mike Paton
Set design and construction -- Derek Blackwood, assisted by Clem Allan, Alex Purves, Don Arnott
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Wardrobe -- Allison Naismith and Maggie King
Properties -- Phyllis Ross
Voice Coach -- Alex Gillon
Continuity -- Alison Kennedy

For the Company:
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Box office -- Marion Donohoe, Pat MacLeod
Photography -- Marion Donohoe

Tunes of Glory

by James Kennaway

12-15 November 2008

Church Hill Theatre