The Crucible

Arthur Miller's allegory of the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950s that searched for "reds under the beds" continues to resonate post 9/11 as a new generation learns the meaning of "Cleave to no faith when that faith brings blood".

One night in Salem Massachusetts in 1692, a group of girls dance in the woods, despite the rules of their society. Their discovery induces fear in the girls, and one deals with her terror by lying limp and mute. This causes rumour, fabrication, hysteria -- and finally witchcraft is declared!

Our November 2007 production was directed by Matt Mason.

Marshall Herrick -- Bob Allan
Giles Corey -- Don Arnott
Tituba -- Christina Chieza
Mary Warren -- Anna Darling
Betty Parris -- Kin Donohoe
Sasanna Walcott -- Eiligh Harper
Abigail Williams -- Vikki Horne
Ann Putnam -- Elsie Horogin
Deputy Governor Danforth -- Alan Jeffries
Judge Hathorne -- Rik Kay
Mercy Lewis -- Sinead MacinnesFrancis Nurse -- John MacAskill
Rev Samuel Parrish -- Steve McDowell
Elizabeth Proctor -- Ruth McLaren
Sarah Good -- Sally pagan
John Proctor -- Mike Paton
Ezekiel Cheever -- Billy Renfrew
Rev John Hale -- Alan Richardson
Rebecca Nurse -- Phyllis Ross
Thomas Putnam -- Lee Shedden

Stage Manager -- Marion Donohoe
Assistant Stage Manager -- Alan McConnell
Set design and construction -- Derek Blackwood
Construction Assistants -- Don Arnott, Clem Allan, Alex Purves, Marion Donohoe
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Properties -- Maggie McConnell, Alan Jeffries, Erin Wilson
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, assisted by Maggie King, Allison Naismith, Carol Jeffreys, Jenny Calcot

For the Company:
Front of House Co-ordinator: Marjory McColl
Box office -- Maggie McConnell, Euan Gregor
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Marketing Team -- Don Arnott, Phyllis Ross, Marion Donohoe, Stephen Hajducki
Photography -- Marion Donohoe


The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

7-10 November 2007

Church Hill Theatre