Dr Stein

Mary Shelley's classic novel "Frankenstein" ends with the Doctor and his creation disappearing into the Arctic wastes, where they are presumed lost.

However, it is little known that the doctor was saved by a passing ship and made his way to Edinburgh, drawn by its reputation for medical excellence and, of course, the services of bodysnatchers Messrs Burke and Hare! Unfortunately Mary Shelley forgot to write this sequel, so 190 years on Leitheatre has duly obliged.

Our story begins once Dr Stein is safely ensconced in Mistress Meg's George Square boarding house in the university quarter of 1820s Edinburgh, when he is ready to try again ...

What strange experiments is the secretive doctor carrying out under Mistress Meg's roof? And who is the mysteries Mr Frankie?

Our 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production was directed by Mike Paton.

Mistress Meg Ramsay, a widow -- Phyllis Ross
Mirren Ramsay, her daughter -- Fiona Mackay
Jamie Ramsay, her son -- Ali May
Allie Lamont, her servant -- Dorsay Larnach
Jock Lamont, Allie's husband -- Don Arnott
Sir Oliver Oliver, gentleman -- Clem Allan
Dr Victor Strein -- Billy Renfrew
Elspeth Forrest, Dr Stein's fiancee -- Debra Barrie
Harri(et) McLeavy, "boy" assistant -- Elsie Horobin
Frankie Stein, Dr Stein's creation -- Steve McDowell
A Townswoman -- Kate Potter
Mr Burke / Mr Hare / Townspeople -- Members of the cast and John Archer, Alan McConnell

Stage Managers -- Marion Donohoe, Lee Shedden
Assistant Stage Manager -- Alan McConnell
Set design and construction -- DerekĀ  Blackwood, assisted by Clem Allan, Don Arnott, Marion Donohoe, Ali May, Alex Purves
Lighting and sound -- Alison Buckley
Special effects -- Stephen Hajduckie
Technical construction -- Ray Duns, Rik Kay
Properties -- Maggie McConnell
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie, King, Allison Naismith
Continuity -- Marjory McColl

For the Company:
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Alex Purves
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Box office - Maggie McConnell, Pat MacLeod
Catering Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Bar Manager -- Alan McConnell
Photography -- Marion Donohoe

Doctor Stein

by Jonathan North

4-18 August 2007

St Serf's Hall