Bawbees and Ducats

Pure couthie Scots comedy, with a script by Alan Richardson, harking back to Commedia Dell'Arte.

The guests at Lucietta's Inn in Venice at the close of the 17th century are a motley collection. There are two Scottish exiles, a penniless Laird and his long-suffering servant, and an equally penniless multi-national troupe of actors. Who will hustle who in this fast-paced comedy of money and confidence trickery?

The play first premiered in 1982 as "The Comedy of the Marks".

"Bawbees and Ducats"(Or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Piazza)" was our 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production, directed by Rik Kay.

Tam Mickley, Servant to Angus Nairn -- Martin Dick
Luciette, Landlady of the inn -- Fiona Robertson
Angus Nairn, a Scottish exile -- David McBeath
Irina Nazarovna, resident at the inn -- Lynne Morris
Ophelia Stratford, a visitor to the inn -- Constance Clark
Granville Stratford, a visitor to the inn -- Don Arnott
Kate Skinner, a visitor to the inn -- Vanda de Luca
Renzo Chiarelli, a visitor to the inn -- Steve Bennett
A Manservant -- Sujana Upadhyay


Stage Managers -- Chester Parker, David Rennie
Set design -- Derek Blackwood
Construction Crew -- Don Arnott, Clem Allan
Lighting design -- Stephen Hajducki
Lighting Operator -- Sujana Upadhyay
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Properties -- Maggie Kennedy, Elspeth Hartley
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie, King, Allison Naismith
Coninuity -- Alison Kennedy, Sally Pagan

For the company:
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Effie Robertson
Catering Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe
Poster artwork -- Andrew Henderson

Bawbees and Ducats

by Alan Richardson

6 - 22 August 2011

St Serf's Hall