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Elwood P Dowd believes that he is constantly accompanied by an invisible giant white rabbit called Harvey. His sister believes that he is not just a likeable drunk but certifiable.

Mary Chase's classic comedy subtly points out our intolerance to those would rather be pleasant than smart.

The action alternates between the library of the Dowd family home and the lobby of Chumley's Rest Sanitarium.

Our May 2012 production was directed by Colin Stirling-Whyte.

Myrtle May Simmons -- Jennie Davidson
Veta Louise Simmons -- Moira Macdonald
Elwood P Dowd -- Leigh Ward
Mrs Ethel Chauvenet -- Kate Potter
Nurse Ruth Kelly -- Constance Clark
Marvin Wilson -- Pat Hymers
Dr Lyman Sanderson -- Steven Adams
Dr William R. Chumley -- Don Arnott
Betty Chumley -- Marjory Kinnear
Judge Omar Gaffney -- John McColl
E J Lofgren -- Clem Allan

Stage Manager -- Rik Kay
Stage Crew -- John Macaskill, Marion Donohoe, Chester Parker
Properties -- Maggie Kennedy
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie King, Allison Naismith
Continuity -- Lynne Morris
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Set and Lighting Design -- Stephen Hajducki
Construction Captain -- Derek Blackwood
Construction Crew -- Clem Allan, Don Arnott
Lighting Rigger -- Mark Hajducki
Lighting Operator -- Fiona Kennedy

For the Company:
Business manager -- Don Arnott
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Phyllis Ross
Box Office -- Alison Kennedy
Patrons' Secretary -- Jenny Calcott
Harvey portrait -- Fredericka McKinstrie
Poster and Programme -- Stephen Hajducki
Front of House staffed by members and friends of Leitheatre


by Mary Chase

16 -19 May 2012

Church Hill Theatre