The Ghost Train

Arnold Ridley's wonderful period comedy "The Ghost Train" from 1923, set in a railway station -- complete with train!

The action takes place in the small wayside station of Fal Vale in Cornwall, during the course of one night in the 1920s.

Our May 2009 production was directed by Alex Purves. The Edinburgh Evening News gave it a 3-star review.

Saul Hodgkin -- Don Arnott
Richard Winthrop -- Rik Hart
Elsie Winthrop -- Jane McGuinness
Charles Murdock -- Daniel Parker
Peggy Murdock -- Rosalind Becroft
Miss Bourne -- Alison Kennedy
Teddie Deakin -- Mike Paton
Julia Price -- Jennie Davidson
Herbert Price -- Stephen Bennett
John Sterline -- Bob Allan
Jackson -- Paul Harris
Policemen -- John CacAskill and John W Wallace

Set design and effects -- Stephen Hajducki
Construction Captain -- Clem Allan, assisted by Derek Blackwood, Don Arnott, Alex Purves, Ron Cattell, and members of Leitheatre
Lighting Operator -- Nigel Jarvis
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Allison Naismith, Maggie King
Stage Manager -- Marion Donohoe
Assistant Stage Manager -- Lynne Morris
Properties Mistress -- Maggie McConnell
Continuity -- Phyllis Ross

For the Company:
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe


The Ghost Train

by Arnold Ridley

13-16 May 2009

Church Hill Theatre