Leaflet for 'Perfect Days''Alice' and 'Barbs' in Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days''Sadie' and 'Barbs' in Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days''Barbs' and 'Brendan' in Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days''Davie' and 'Barbs' in Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days''Barbs' and 'Grant' in Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days''Grant', Davie' and 'Brendan' in Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days'The cast of Leitheatre's 'Perfect Days'

Perfect Days

Celebrity hairdresser Barbs Marshall is successful and well off, but at 39 years old what she really wants is to have a baby - man or no man! To make matters worse, her mother is a nag, her best friend is holding out on her, and her ex-husband has a new 22-year-old girlfriend. And the complications are far from over ...!

The play is set in a fashionable loft apartment in Glasgow's Merchant City. The action takes place on nine different days in Barbs's life; they span from a week before her 39th birthday through to the final scene, 18 months later.

Our November 2012 production was directed by Matt Mason.

Barbs Marshall -- Jane Black
Alice Inglis -- Deborah Whyte
Sadie Kirkwood -- Alison Kennedy
Brendan Boyle -- Lee Shedden
Davie Marshall -- Mike Paton
Grant Steel -- James McInnes
Mourners by members of Leitheatre

Stage Manager -- Chester Parker
Set design / Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Set construction -- Derek Blackwood, Rik Kay, Clem Allan, Don Arnott
Set dressing / Props -- Maggie Kennedy
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Rigging -- Nigel Jarvis, Mark Hajducki
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Allison, Naismith, Maggie King

For the Company:
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe

Perfect Days

by Liz Lochhead

14-17 November 2012

Church Hill Theatre