Publicity card for 'Takin' over the Asylum'Cast photo - Group in the day roomCast photo - Group in the day roomCast photo -'Margaret', 'Hector' and 'Aileen'Cast photo - 'Rosalie' and 'Cambell'Cast photo - 'Evelyn' and 'Eddie'Cast photo - 'Eddie' and 'Campbell'Cast photo - Group in the day roomCast photo - 'Eddie' and 'Francine'Cast photo - 'Campbell' and 'Aileen'Cast photo - 'Campbell', 'Evelyn' and 'Eddie'Cast photo - Group in the day room

Takin' over the Asylum

When Ready Eddie McKenna, 'soul survivor' and replacement double-glazing salesman, arrives to re-launch a defunct hospital radio station in a psychiatric unit, he turns more than the ramshackle station upside-down.

In a day room on a ward of St Jude's Hospital in Glasgow, the whisky drinking would-be DJ meets 'the loonies', including:

  • Irrepressible Campbell, whose dreams seem untouched by reality
  • Hyper-organised Rosalie, who is fighting a one-woman war against germs
  • Electronic genius Fergus, whose voices tell him he's stupid
  • Brittle and self-destructive Francine.

As the patients battle with perception and prejudice as much as illness, Eddie, armed only with his soul music record collection, transforms their lives -- along with his own.

Donna Franceschild's hilarious and profoundly moving play, based on her successful television series, was premiered at the Citizens Theatre in 2013. It was our first production at the new Studio Theatre in Potterrow.

Directed by Matt Mason.

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Campbell -- Calum Barbour
Eddie -- Alan Richardson
Francine -- Lynsay Crawford
Fergus -- Mike Paton
Rosalie -- Jane Black
Margaret -- Fiona Kennedy
Aileen -- Liz Shackleton
Hector -- Andy Harris
Evelyn -- Phyllis Ross
Stuart -- Matthew Thomson
Lady Chalmers -- Lynne Morris

Director -- Matt Mason
Assistant Director / Stage Manager -- Lynne Morris
Stage Crew -- Jim Murphy, Charles Jones
Set Designer -- Derek Blackwood
Construction -- Don Arnott, Clem Allan
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie King, Allison Naismith
Properties -- Maggie Kennedy
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Marketing and publicity -- Don Arnott, Stephen Hajducki, Don Arnott

Takin' over the Asylum

by Donna Franceschild

The Studio, Potterow

15-17 May 2014