'Men Should Weep' cast - rehearsal photo'Lily, 'Maggie' and 'John', "Men Should Weep"'Maggie' and 'John', "Men Should Weep"'Maggie' and neighbours, "Men Should Weep"'Maggie', 'Alec, 'Isa', "Men Should Weep"'Lizzie' and 'Granny', "Men Should Weep"Bed removal scene, "Men Should Weep"'Jenny' and 'John', 'Men Should Weep' - rehearsal photo'Isa' and 'Alec', "Men Should Weep'- rehearsal photo

Men Should Weep

Written in 1947, Ena Lamont Stewart's extraordinarily moving play of women surviving in the east end of Glasgow in the 1930s has been revived to critical acclaim.

'Men Should Weep" finds in the lives of Maggie, her family and her neighbours all the tragedy that appalling housing, massive unemployment and grinding poverty can produce. There is also a rich vein of comedy – the need for a good laugh through difficult times.

Set in the 1930s in the kitchen of the Morrison's tenement home, the play is regarded as a Scottish contemporary theatre classic.

Our production was directed by Rik Kay.

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Maggie Morrison -- Lynne Morris
John Morrison -- Mike Paton
Granny -- Patricia MacLeod
Alec -- David Rennie
Jenny -- Lauri Young
Edie -- Maya Marshall
Earnest -- Sam Wood
Lily Gibb -- Moira Macdonald
Isa -- Elona Smith
Mrs Wilson -- Phyllis Ross
Mrs Harris -- Alison Kennedy
Mrs Bone -- Sally Pagan
Lizzie Morrison -- Irene Cuthbert
1st Removal Man -- John Macaskill
2nd Removal Man -- Charlie Jones

Director -- Rik Kay
Stage Manager -- Marion Donohoe
Stage Manager -- Stephen Hajducki
Construction -- Derek Blackwood, Clem Allan
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Lighting Rigger -- Mark Hajducki
Props -- Irene Cuthbert
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie King, Allison Naismith
Continuity -- Sally Pagan
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe
Patrons Secretary -- Jenny Calcott

Men Should Weep

By Ena Lamont Stewart

Church Hill Theatre

19-22 November 2014