Leitheatre's 'Deathtrap' programmeInside page of programme for 'Deathtrap'Back page of 'Deathtrap' programme'Sidney Bruhl' reading 'Deathtrap''Myra' and 'Clifford' in Leitheatre's 'Deathrap''Sidney' and 'Helga' in Leitheatre's 'Deathrap''Clifford', Sidney' and 'Myra' in Leitheatre's 'Deathrap''Sidney' and 'Porter' in Leitheatre's 'Deathrap''Porter' and 'Helga' in Leitheatre's 'Deathrap'Photo of the set for Leitheatre's 'Deathtrap' production, 2013


Washed-up Broadway playwright Sidney Bruhl is desperate for another hit show. And 'Deathtrap', written by one of his students, turns out to be a play to die for. Someone is about to get murdered ...

The action takes place in Sidney's study in the Bruhl home in Westport, Connecticut.

Our May 2012 production was directed by Rosalind Becroft.

Sidney Bruhl -- Pat Hymers
Myra Bruhl -- Jennie Davidson
Clifford Anderson -- Matthew Thomson
Helga ten Dor -- Lynne Morris
Porter Milgrim -- Alan Richardson

Stage Manager -- Duncan Robertson
Set designed -- Derek Blackwood
Set Construction -- Clem Allan, Don Arnott
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Properties -- Maggie Kennedy
Costumes -- Effie Robertson, Allison Naismith, Maggie King
Continuity -- Fiona Robertson
Stage Combat -- Alan Jeffreys
Photography -- Marion Donohoe


by Ira Levin

15-18 May 2013

Church Hill Theatre