Flyer for "Good Things"'Susan' shows off 'classy' shoes to 'Fraser''Susan' with shop customer 'Scotch Doris''Marjorie' refusing clothes donations from 'David''Natalie' tries on the 'classy' shoes'David' meets 'Archie', the confused father of 'Susan'Police interview 'Susan' after an accidentA scruffy man brings 'Susan' donations for the shop'Susan' gets a visit from ex-husband 'Tony''Susan' with an annoyed customer'David' with flower delivery manThe 'charity shop' set for Leitheatre's 'production of Good Things'

Good Things

Suddenly single and with the dreaded Big Five-Oh glaring her in the face, Susan also has to cope with a father in his second childhood, a daughter in the throes of aggravated adolescence, and an ex who unfortunately still has the power to wound.

Set in the charity shop where Susan is a volunteer, "Good Things" is a poignant, hilarious play. Tackling real contemporary issues, it says a lot about fiinding love for the second -- or third or fourth -- time. Funny, touching and as emotionally true as anything supremely humane writer Liz Lochhead has produced.

Our Fringe 2013 production was directed by Effie Robertson.

Susan Love -- Fiona Robertson
Frazer -- Mike Paton / Andy Harris
Doris -- Alison Kennedy
Marjory -- Moira Macdonald
Scruffy Man / Archie -- Don Arnott
David -- John Webster
Tony -- Stewart Brown
Woman / Helena -- Sally Pagan / Lynne Morris
Natalie / Policewoman -- Lynn Cameron
Flower Delivery Man -- Rik Kay
Policeman -- John McAskill

Set Design and Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Set Dressing / Props -- Maggie Kennedy, Margaret McGhie
Set Construction Crew -- Derek Blackwood, Clem Allan, Don Arnott, Marion Donohoe
Lighting Crew -- Nigel Jarvis, Mark Hajducki
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Wardrobe -- Maggie King, Allison Naismith
Continuity -- Sally Pagan / Lynne Morris
Business Manager -- Don ArnottĀ 

Good Things

by Liz Lochhead

3-17 August 2013

St Serf's Hall