Cambusdonald Royal

The action takes place in Brither Barnabus' cell in the Abbey of Cambusdonald somewhere in Scotland, on a night in the mid 15th century, when the monastic order had not only declined, but was spiralling into eclipse ....

Our 2002 Edinburgh Festival Fringe production was directed by Effie Robertson.

Brither Barnabas -- Bill Robertson
Brither Donatus -- John McColl
Brither Simon -- Billy Renfrew
Abbott Wilfred -- Euan MacLeod
Mother Mary -- Kate Potter
Sister Diligence -- Pat MacLeod
Sister Innocentia -- Su Jeffreys
A woman -- Joanna Campbell
Berengaria -- Lesley Napier
Another woman -- Jenni Taylor
Cardinal Legate -- John Archer
A monk -- Nigel Graham

Stage Manager -- Steven Edgar
Assistant Stage Manger and techncial -- Nigel Graham
Set design, lighting and effects -- Stephen Hajduck
Set constructed by -- Don Arnott, Nigel Graham, Mark Hajducki, Carol Jeffreys
Sound -- Gavin Saxby
Wardrobe -- Jenny Calcott
Wardrobe Assistant -- Ruth McLaren
Properties -- Irene Robb, Pam Burnside, Phyllis Ross
Continuity -- Marjory Kinnear

For the Company:
Business Manager -- Euan MacLeod
Front of House Co-ordinator - Alex Purves
Catering Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Box office -- Maggie McConnell, Alison Kennedy, Kirsty Muir, assisted by members and friends of Leitheatre
Marketing -- Don Arnott
Front of House photographs -- Marion Donohoe


Cambusdonald Royal

by James Scotland

3-17 August 2002

St Serf's Hall