Dancing at Lughnasa

Michael, the narrator, reflects back to his childhood in rural Donegal with his unmarried mother and her four spinster sisters. In the long summer of 1936, two men enter his life -- his Uncle Jack, returned after 25 years' missionary work among African lepers, and, for the first time, his father, Gerry. The men's presence and other events bring about a cataclysmic change in the lives of the five sisters.

Our November 2005 production was directed by Euan MacLeod.

This was Leitheatre's first venture at the Adam House Theatre -- and was very successful.

Michael -- Graham Kells
Chris -- Mairi Beaver
Maggie -- Susan Duffy
Agnes -- Rosie Haswell
Rose -- Fiona Edwards
Kate -- Debra Barrie
Jack -- Michael Paton
Gerry -- Alan Richardson

Stage Manger -- Marion Donohoe
Set design and construction -- Derek Blackwood, assisted by Don Arnott, Alex Purves, Clem Allan
Sound and lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson
Properties -- Maggie McConnell
Continuity -- Marjory McColl

For the Company:
Front of House Manager -- Phyllis Ross
Box office -- Alison Kennedy, Pat MacLeod, Maggie McConnell
Catering Manger -- Jenny Calcott
Coffee bar -- Phyllis Ross, Carol Jeffreys
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe


Dancing at Lughnasa

by Brian Friel

9-12 November 2005

Adam House Theatre