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Dolly West's Kitchen

Frank McGuinness's play tells the story of the West family and how they deal with war in Europe and the domestic war that erupts in their own kitchen.

In 1943, Dolly West is at her family home in Donegal after fleeing Italy at the outbreak of the Second World War. She runs the house for her wisecracking, outspoken mother, her sister and her sister's husband, and her younger brother, an officer in the Irish Army and a fervent nationalist.

Questions over the neutrality of both Ireland and the West household are raised when mother invites three soldiers — an English officer and two US troopers — from the war zone across the nearby Eire / UK border. Soon clashes of loyalty, jealousy, sexual identity and love creep in.

"Dolly West's Kitchen" premiered at the Abbey Festival in Dublin in 1991. When it opened at the Old Vic in 2000, it was described as "a joy of a play".

Our production at the Festival Theatre Studio, Potterow, was directed by Colin Peter.

Pictured in our gallery are scenes from rehearsals.

Dolly -- Jane Black
Rima -- Irene Cuthbert
Esther -- Jennie Davidson
Justin -- Matthew Thomson
Ned -- Callum Thomson
Anna -- Nicole Irvine
Alec -- Andy Harris
Marco -- Iain MacDonald
Jamie -- David Rennie

Stage Manager -- Marion Donohe
Set Design -- Derek Blackwood
Construction Team -- Clem Allan, Don Arnott
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Technical Assistant -- Mark Hajducki
Costumes -- Effie Robertson, Maggie King, Allison Naismith
Props -- Maggie Kennedy
Continuity -- Fiona Robertson, Sally Pagan

For Leitheatre:
Business Manager -- Lynne Morris
Photography -- Marion Donohoe

"Dolly West's Kitchen"

by Frank McGuinness

The Studio, Potterow

27-30 May 2015