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I am a Camera

Adapted from Christopher Isherwood's semi-autobiographical "Berlin Stories", which became the inspiration for the musical "Cabaret".

Playwright John Van Druten's 'I am a Camera' focuses on the detached narrator and the hedonistic lifestyles of those around him during the collapse of Germany's Weimar Republic

The scene throughout is a room in Fraulein Schneider's apartment in Berlin in 1930.

Our May 2011 production was directed by Don Arnott.

Christopher Isherwood -- Lee Shedden
Frauline Schneider -- Phyllis Ross
Fritz Wendel -- Andrew Henderson
Sally Bowles -- Regina Alcock
Fraulein Natalia Landauer -- Megan Shandley
Clive Mortimer -- Mike Paton
Mrs Watson-Courtneidge -- Carol Jeffreys

Stage Manager -- Marion Donohoe
Stage design and graphics -- Stephen Hajducki
Construction Crew -- Clem Allan, Don Arnott, Derek Blackwood, Marion Donohoe
Properties -- Maggie Kennedy, Lynne Morris
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Maggie King, Allison Naismith
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Lighting -- Sujana Upadhyay
Continuity -- Fiona Robertson

For the Company:
Front of House Manager -- Rik Kay
Busines Manager - Don Arnott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe

I am a Camera

by John Van Druten

11-14 May 2011

Church Hill Theatre