Handbill for "Lovers: Winners and Losers"

Lovers: Winners and Losers

Taking place in Ireland in 1967, Brian Friel's "Lovers: Winners and Losers" is a play in two complementary parts.

"Winners" is set on a hilltop, where Mag and Joe are studying for their exams. These teenage lovers are expecting a baby. The pregnancy and the fact that they are unmarried are major issues in a community that is firmly in the grip of the Catholic Church.

The lovers in 'Losers" are a married middle-aged couple, Hanna and Andy, whose late-blooming love has to contend with Hanna's bedridden, religious, interfering mother. Their story has been described as an "uproariously funny tragedy".

Directing for Leitheatre were Don Arnott ("Winners") and Effie Robertson ("Losers").

Lovers: Winners and Losers

by Brian Friel

18-21 November 2015

Church Hill Theatre