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Moonlight and Magnolias

Hollywood, 1939: Movie mogul David O Selznick has just shut down production on the most eagerly awaited film in history -- "Gone with the Wind", his big-budget version of Margaret Mitchell's bestselling novel.

Selznick has scrapped the original script and fired the director. Desperate to produce a re-write in five days, he engages the reluctant services of Ben Hecht and Victor Fleming.

Script doctor Hecht is seemingly the only man in America who has not read the book,while Fleming has been poached from directing Selznick's other blockbuster, "The Wizard of Oz".

With his reputation on the line, Selznick locks himself and his team in his office for a marathon creative session, fuelled by bananas and peanuts …

Our May 2016 production was directed by Rik Kay.

Ben Hecht -- David Rennie
Victor Fleming -- Josh Ingram
David O Selznick -- Kevin Rowe
Miss Poppenhul -- Elona C Smith

Stage Manager -- Lynne Morris
Set design -- Derek Blackwood
Set construction assistance -- Clem Allan
Sound design -- Alison Buckley
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Costume -- Effie Robertson, Allison Naismith, Maggie King
Properties -- Irene Cuthbert
Publicity and business -- Lynne Morris, Don Arnott, Stephen Hajducki

"Moonlight and Magnolias"

By Ron Hutchinson

4-7 May 2016

Festival Theatre Studio