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The Lass wi' the Muckle Mou

The action of the play is set in the Scottish Borders in the early 17th century.

Directed by Alex Purves.

The Lady in Green -- Irene Robb
Thomas the Rhymer -- Andy Harris
Sir Gideon Murray -- Don Arnott
Meg Murray -- Jennie Paul
Lady Grizel Murray -- Dorsay Larnach
Lizzy -- Jenny Calcott
Wattie -- John McColl
Jock -- Lee Shedden
Rob Wilson -- Nigel Graham
Willie Scott -- Andy Powley
Voice of Willie's Father -- Nigel Graham

Stage Director: Steven Edgar, assisted by Clem Allan, Richard Kay, Amanda Collett, Dan Gallagher
Set design -- Derek Blackwood
Set construction -- ABP Stagecraft, assisted by Mark Hajducki, Carol Jeffreys, Amanda Collett, Marion Donohoe, Dan Gallagher
Lighting design -- Stephen Hajducki
Lighting Operators -- Ray Duns, Stephen Hajducki
Sound -- Stephen and Mark Hajducki
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Jean Robertson, Jenny Calcott
Properties -- Maggie Gordon, Moira MacDonald
Continuity -- Marjory Kinnear
FOH photographs -- Marion Dononhoe
FOH Co-ordinator -- Patricia MacLeod
Box office -- Maggie Gordon, Alison Kennedy, Kirsty Muir
Business Manager -- Euan MacLeod
Marketing Manager -- Don Arnott

The Lass wi' the Muckle Mou

by Alexander Reid

4-18 August 2001

St Serf's Hall