My Cousin Rachel

Young Philip Ashley is brought up by his cousin Ambrose.

Ambrose marries his half-Italian cousin, the elegant and enigmatic Rachel, while wintering in Florence. Receiving a disturbing letter from Ambrose, which suggests he may be being poisoned, Philip travels to Florence to find that Ambrose has died and Rachel has gone.

Back home on his newly inherited estate Philip meets Rachel and, while ready to hate her, he finds himself falling under her spell.

The ensuing see-saw of belief and disbelief asks the question: is Rachel a scheming murderess or a much-maligned woman?

Our May 2006 production was directed by Colin Peter.

Rachel Ashley -- Debra Barrie
Philip Ashley -- Graham Kells
Nicholas Kendall -- Rik Kay
Louise Kendall -- Fiona Edwards
Antonio Rainaldi -- Billy Renfrew
Seecombe -- Don Arnott
James -- Ali May

Stage Manager -- Marion Donohoe
Assistant Stage Manger -- Fiona Mackay
Stage design and effects -- Stephen Hajducki, assisted by Elsie Horobin
Set construction -- Clem Allan, Don Arnott, Alex Purves, Mark Hajducki
Set painting -- Derek Blackwood
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson
Properties -- Maggie McConnell
Continuity -- Marjorie McColl

For the Company:
Front of House Manager -- Phyllis Ross
Business Manager -- Don Arnott
Box office -- Maggie McConnell, Alison Kennedy
Catering Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe
Poster design -- Graham Kells


Daphne du Maurier's

My Cousin Rachel

adapted by Diana Morgan

10-13 May 2006

Adam House Theatre