Ring Round the Moon

Jean Anouilh's 1947 satirical play, "L'Invitation au Château" (Invitation to the Castle) was adapted for the stage in 1950 by Christopher Fry as "Ring Round the Moon".

The story concerns the cold, manipulative playboy Hugo and his sensitive twin brother Frédéric.

Frédéric is madly in love with Diana, the spoiled daughter of a self-made millionaire. She herself wants Hugo, as his impenetrability teases her. In order to show to Frédéric that Diana is not worth his attentions, Hugo invites to a ball Isabelle, a lower-class dancer, whom he Pygmalion-like transforms into an aristocratic beauty.

The action of the play takes place in a winter garden in spring.

Our May 2003 production was directed by Rex Walker.

Joshua, a crumbling butler -- Clem Allan
Hugh, a young man about town -- Dougie Arbuckle
Frederic, his twin brother -- Dougie ArbuckleDiana Messerschmann, engaged to Frederic , but in love with Hugo -- Jennie Davidson
Lady India, Messerschmann's mistress -- Ruth McLaren
Patrice Bombelles, Messerschmann's secretive secretary -- Andy Powley
Madamme Desmortes, aunt to Hugo, Frederic and Lady India -- Fiona Roberston
Capulet, her faded companion -- Carol Jeffreys
Messerschmann, Diana's father, a melancholy millionaire-- John McColl
Romainville, a lepidopterist -- Don Arnott
Isabelle, a dancer -- Rebecca McQuillan
Her mother, a teacher of the pianoforte -- Phyllis Ross
A General -- Nigel Graham

Set design and construction -- Derek Blackwood, assisted by Don Arnott, Alex Purves, Nigel Graham
Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki, Alison Buckley
Sound -- Gavin Saxby
Stage Manager -- Steven Edgar
Stage Crew -- Nigel Graham, Kate Grimes, Pam Burnside
Costume -- Effie Robertson and Susan Wales
Properties -- Pam Burnside
Continuity -- Marjory Kinnear
Choreograph -- Mandy Black

For the Company:
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Effie Robertson`
Photography -- Marion Donohoe
Coffee Bar Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Marketing Team -- Don Arnott, Nigel Graham, Graham Kells, Rebecca McQuillan, Alex Purves
Patrons' List Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Box office -- Maggie McConnell, Alison Kennedy
Graphic design -- Graham Kells

Jean Anouilh's 

Ring Round the Moon

by Christopher Fry

14-17 May 2003

Church Hill Theatre