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Stags and Hens

The action takes place in the Gents and Ladies toilets of a Liverpool club in the mid 1980s.

Our November 2001 production was directed by Mike Paton.

Linda -- Caroline Abbott
Maureen -- Jennie Paul
Bernadette -- Susan Duffy
Carol -- Gail Allsopp
Frances -- Jane McGuinness

Robbie -- Graham Brown
Billy -- Euan Gregor
Kav -- Russell Jones
Eddy -- Dougie Arbuckle
Dave -- Andy Powley

Peter - Graham Kells
Roadie -- Andy McFarlane

Stage Manager: Steven Edgar
Assistant Stage Manager -- Anna Drummond
Set and lighting design -- Stephen Hajducki
Set construction -- Derek Blackwood, Don Arnott, Mark Hajducki, Alex Purves
Lighting Operator -- Matthew Masterson
Sound -- Gavin Saxby
Wardrobe and props-- Ruth McLaren, Anna Drummond
Continuity -- Marjory Kinnear

For the Company:
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Marjory Kinnear
Photography -- Marion Donohoe
Box office -- Alison Kennedy, Richard Kay
Patrons' List Manager -- Jenny Calcott
Coffee Bar Manager -- Carol Jeffreys, Sally Pagan
Marketing -- Don Arnott

Stags and Hens

by Willie Russell

14-17 November 2001

Church Hill Theatre