The Cemetery Club

A gentle comedy by Ivan Menchell.

Ida, a Jewish widow from Queens, New York, whose retiring exterior hides a woman who would quite like to get over all that grieving, thank you very much. Every month, she and her best friends Doris and Lucille visit the graves of their husbands in Forest Hills Cemetery.

Their weekly games of canasta continue a friendship forged by the three couples over their long marriages, but the cemetery visits are more of a cause for antagonism.

The action alternates between Ida's apartment in Queens, New York, and Forest Hills Cemetery nearby. Period: 1980s, autumn.

Our May 2010 production was directed by Phyllis Ross.

Ida -- Kate Potter
Lucille -- Irene Robb
Doris -- Moira Macdonald
Sam -- John McColl
Mildred -- Carol Jeffries

Stage Manager -- Marion Donohoe
Assistant Stage Manager -- Lynne Morris
Set and Lighting -- Stephen Hajducki
Construction Crew -- Clem Allan, Don Arnott, Derek Blackwood, Alex Purves, Ron Cattell
Sound -- Alison Buckley
Voice Coach -- Lynn Bains
Continuity -- Alison Kennedy
Properties -- Rosalind Becroft, Fiona Robertson
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Allison Naismith, Maggie King
Bridesmaids' dresses -- Lunda Paxton
Hair styles -- Jane McGuinness

For the Company:
Front of House Manager -- Alex Purves, assisted by members and friends of Leitheatre
Business Manager / Publicity -- Don Arnott
Photography -- Marion Donohoe

The Cemetery Club

by Ivan Menchell

12-15 May 2010

The Church Hill Theatre