The Herbal Bed

Based on a true incident in 1613 when Susanna, eldest daughter of William Shakespeare, was publicly accused of an adulerous relationship with a married neighbour.

To clear her name and preserve the reputation of her husband John Hall, a respected physician, Susanna sues for slander in the court of Worcester Cathedral.

An emotional tale of sexual intrigue and political manoeuvering with an unpredictable outcome, which won author Peter Whelan the Lloyd's Bank Playwright of the Year Award in 1977.

Rafe Smith, a haberdasher -- Mike Paton
Hester Fletcher, a servant -- Jennie Paul
Jack Lane, a young gentleman -- Graham Kells
Bishop Parry of Worcester -- David Sutherland
John Hall, physician of Stratford-upon-Avon -- John Archer
Susanna Hall, his wife -- Rebecca McQuillan
Barnabus Goche, Vicar-General -- John McColl
Elizabeth Hall, the Halls' daughter -- Fiona Kennedy

Stage Manager: Su Jeffreys
Assistant Stage Managers -- Nigel Graham, Euan Gregor, Lee Shedden
Set design -- Bill Robertson
Set constructed by -- Rik Kay and stage crew
Lighting and sound -- Stephen Hajducki
Wardrobe -- Sheila Sutherland
Props -- Pamela Burnside, Phyllis Ross, Evan Popplestone
Continuity -- Marjory Kinnear

For the Company:
Administration Manager -- Alex Purves
Front of House Co-ordinator -- Marjory Kinnear
Box office -- Maggie McConnell, Alison Kennedy
Coffee Bar Manager -- Jenny Calcott, Carol Jeffreys, assisted by members and friends of Leitheatre
Marketing -- Don Arnott, Graham Kells
Photography -- Marion Dononhoe
Patrons' List Manager -- Jenny Calcott


The Herbal Bed

by Peter Whelan

13-16 November 2002

Church Hill Theatre