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Whisky Galore!

"Whisky Galore!" is one of Scotland's best-loved comedies.

Dramatised by James Scotland from the book by Compton Mackenzie, it presents wonderful couthy characters — and even a love interest — while poking gentle fun at bureaucracy.

The play is set in various locations on the islands of Great Todday and Little Todday, in the Outer Hebrides.

It is 1942. The Todday Islanders are in despair — there is no whisky!

All the whisky is being exported to pay for the war. Even beer is rationed on the island. Then on a foggy night, the SS Cabinet Minister, loaded with 50,000 cases of whisky, bound for America, runs aground on rocks just off Todday.

Can the islanders "save" the cargo, on the Sabbath? Not if officious Captain Waggett, the Home Guard Commanding Officer, can help it.

Our Festival Fringe 2015 show was directed and produced by Lynne Morris and Stephen Hajducki. 

Duncan Ban Macroon -- Don Arnott
Joseph Macroon -- Brian Thomson
Archie Macrurie (Biffer) -- Patrick Griffin
Jockey Stewart -- Tim Foley
Roderick Macrurie -- Martin Dick
Captain Paul Waggett -- Euan McIntyre
Mrs Dolly Waggett -- Moira Macdonald
Peggy Macroon -- Jennifer Houston
Sergeant-Major Alfred Odd -- Kevin Rowe
George Campbell -- Joshua Ingram
Catriona Macleod -- Laura Inglis
Mrs Cambell / Cailleach -- Irene Cuthbert
Mrs Odd -- Phyllis Ross
Lieutenant Boggust -- Raymond Peattie
Rev Mcalister / Ship's Captain -- John McColl
Mrs Farquhar Maclean -- Maggie Kennedy
Kennethina -- Chole McIntyre
Macphee / Sailor / Ferguson -- Mike Paton

Stage design -- Stephen Hajducki
Construction -- Derek Blackwood, Don Arnott, Clem Allan
Lighting -- Mark Hajducki
Sound design -- Alison Buckley
Sound Operator -- Lynne Mackie
Wardrobe -- Effie Robertson, Allison Naismith, Maggie King
Props -- Maggie Kennedy
Voice Coach -- John Macaskill
Front of House -- Effie Roberson and Friends of Leitheatre
Continuity -- Marjory Kinnear

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Whisky Galore!

by Compton Mackenzie

Original stage adaptation by James Scotland

13-22 August 2015

South Leith Halls